The Four Key Attitudes for Healthy Relationships

In my counseling experience of nearly 25 years I have seen that the most healthy marriages and relationships are those that experience the following four attitudes:

1.             Service - There is an attempt to find what a partner wants or needs and meet those whenever possible.  It is the displaying of little kindnesses that will make someone else’s life better.

2.             Forgiveness - The things that others have done to disappoint are quickly pardoned and absolved.  There is a short list or no list when it comes remembering short- comings.

3.             Honor - It seems to be a privilege to be in relationship and there is mutual respect.  Admiration is evident and credit is given.

4.             Trust - There is a sense that partners would never intentionally hurt so if there were a failure to meet expectations there is still a belief in the partner and the relationship.  There is an entrustment that leads to vulnerability, which in turn leads to intimacy.

The saying is that ‘attitude determines altitude”.  Relationships that have these four attitudes soar above all others.


Thoughts to Ponder:

If I were to arrange the above four attitudes from strongest to weakest how would I rank them?

How are my actions displaying my attitude? 

How should I change them?



(Ephesians 4:23 …) to be made new in the attitude of your minds.