Incredible Intimate Weekend

My wife and I are just getting back from an incredible weekend and I am going to share the details that make such weekends incredible.  (Well maybe not all of the details)

1.        We do them often.  6 to 8 times a year we have extended time together so we do not forget and so we have something to look forward to.

2.        We make sure that we go for an even number of nights, that way we can take turns for who’s night it is.  On our partner’s night we serve them in whatever way they want to be intimate. Also, two nights or more helps to really leave things behind.

3.        We mix it up.  Some weekends are planned in advance and some are done spontaneously.  The locations and accommodations vary The locations and accommodations vary but we have our favorite places we return to.

4.        We get away.  We have places at least an hour a way so that geographical distance becomes stress distance.

5.        We take advantage of off-season rates.  Going when no one else is helps with intimacy and expense.

6.        We talk about expectations in advance.  We find it good to make a list of 3 – 5 expectations, compare lists and make sure that each gets the top 1 or 2 expectations met.

7.        We remember our times away through writing, picture taking and keep sakes.

8.        We have practiced being comfortable being together on intimate weekends by having regular date nights throughout the week.  We have done this for many years.

9.        We talk about what we would like to do on our next weekend on the return trip and often have it scheduled before we get home.

Thoughts to Ponder:

When it the last weekend get away that I had with my partner?

How much effort did I put into planning it?

What would be the next possible weekend that we could get away?



(Song of Songs 7:10) I belong to my lover…