The SOURCE program was developed by Brian Frizzell, owner of Christian Counseling Services, pastor and professional counselor for 20+ years, when he recognized the need for churches to have a counseling staff. Although there was a high demand for counseling, it was quickly noted that due to hard financial obligations and unsure economic times, many individuals were being left unattended—even in times of uncertainty, crisis and emergency. To help aid pastors, churches, congregations and individuals, Brian developed the SOURCE program as a plan that keeps costs low for the churches AND clients.

How does the SOURCE program work?

The SOURCE program is a program offered to ALL church staff and attendees. Churches sign-up which allows staff and church attendees to receive discounted, affordable, professional counseling.

Where’s the value?

As you can see the SOURCE program allows churches to offer professional counseling services at ANY time-- along with discounted rates for clients! Signing up for the SOURCE program allows your church to offer counseling services—often times, same day or next day appointments

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