The major component of Brian’s job as owner and CEO is to assure the people that use our services experience professional care from a biblical world view. His focus as a professional counselor is predominantly on marriage and men’s issues. He provides a place to talk about these issues and works hard to offer resources that will give assistance using his training and experience.

What brought you to CCS? Diana and my vision was to start a counseling agency where people didn’t have to check their faith at the door.

Best book you read in the past year? Love Works by Joel Manby

Favorite band? Bachman Turner Overdrive because they are Canadian, they bring back great memories of my youth and they inspire me to be Taking Care of Business.

What is one thing on your bucket list? To travel extensively in Europe.

Favorite word? Abbreviation – I am intrigued why it is so long.

What is your biggest challenge? To transition from what has been successful in my life and making it significant after my life.