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Christian Counseling Services will provide a safe environment in which each person, with God’s help, is able to process past experiences, find solutions to present challenges, and gain strength to make positive choices for the future with the result of personal wholeness and more fulfilling relationships. For more information, click below.



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Looking for Christian Marriage Counseling, Relationship and/or Family Counseling? At Christian Counseling Services we welcome the opportunity to serve you in a caring, professional setting. Don’t wait any longer. Call today for your appointment tomorrow!



Women / Men / Individual Issues

BRian Frizzell / Brock Frizzell / John Opalka / Betty EnNis / TERESA HODGES / Stephanie Basham

Stress consists of physical, mental, and/or emotional strain on a person. Often, when a person experiences stress, they believe that the demands placed upon them exceed their ability to achieve them.

Pre-Marital / Marital / Relationship Issues

Brian & Diana Frizzell / Betty EnNis / Brock Frizzell/ TERESA HODGES / Stephanie Basham

We'll help you work through preparing for marriage, finding love for your partner again, heal intimacy issues, learn communication skills, resolve repeated conflicts, and learn how to balance life and work.


Struggling With Depression

Betty Ennis / Brock Frizzell / John Opalka /TERESA HODGES / Stephanie Basham

At CCS we can help you understand your depression and how it impacts your daily life. Depression is a temporary stay, not a life long sentence. Rather than carry our wounds and trauma around, we help you find a way past these burdens and provide realistic tools for daily living. 

Children /Adolescents Issues

John Opalka / Brock Frizzell

As a parent, it is very unsettling to watch a child struggle with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges and not know how to help him or her. These challenges can impact a childʼs ability to function at home, at school, and with peers.



Twenty-six years ago my brother in law, one of my closest friends was murdered by a young man who was involved in drugs and the occult.  Forgiveness is a personal journey for me.  Here are some things that I have learned about forgiveness