4 Relationship Types

4 Relationship Types

There are four types of relationships whether talking
about marriages or friendships.  They
could be compared to four types of homes.

1.   Rubble Relationship

The Rubble Relationship, in reality is a relationship that has been leveled.   It is like an explosion of dynamite has
caused great destruction.  A major
catastrophic event has all but destroyed the relationship.  All that is left is some of the foundation. 
There is shock, criticism, anger, bitterness. The question here is.  should we start building from the ruins or should we just move on to a new building site?

2.  The Repair Relationship

If this relationship were a home, it would have no curb
appeal. It is dilapidated and run down.   This type of relationship is governed by
busyness urgency, and neglect. Almost everything is more important. 
It is relationship of burn out, individualism, stress and exhaustion. The question of this relationship is,  “Where do I get the energy, time and resources to work on improving this relationship?” 


This type of relationship is a functional relationship. If this relationship were a home, it would have curb appeal, but upon closer investigation, there would be the realization that some work needs to be done. Relational restoration needs to take place.  The issues could be that of boredom, apathy, and routine.  It has become a relationship habit. There is commitment but there is little connection. The relationship is functional but it is unsatisfied, it is predictable but it also is indifferent. It is more like going through the motions. The question here is, “How can we have a relationship that we can really enjoy again?”

4.  The Review Relationship

This type of relationship is a highly functional relationship that is enjoyable. This relationship being compared to a home would be the model house in a new subdivision. Prospective builders or remodelers could get ideas for building or decorating. This relationship has worked through or is working through issues and have built, repaired and remodeled.  Everything is current.  There are still some things that could be done but mainly just minute details. The question for this type of relationship is, “What are we going to do next to enjoy our time together?”


Thought To Ponder:

When thinking about marriage or friendships what type of relationships do you have? 

1.       Rubble  

2.       Repair  

3.       Remodel

4.       Review