The Opposite of Unhealthy

The Opposite of Unhealthy

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is where George decides to do everything opposite. He feels like he has nothing to lose for his life is a failure. When he does this he gets starts dating beautiful woman and hired by the Yankees. A lot of times this is the response that many people in failed relationships make. They have not succeeded and decide to do just the opposite. If they have been passive they get aggressive, if they have suppressed feelings they express them outwardly in anger, if they have stayed they decide to leave. The opposite of unhealthy is still unhealthy. Making unhealthy decisions in an unhealthy state will lead to being unhealthy on the opposite side of things. The best response before making reactive decisions is to get proactive in personal health. Become a healthy person. Healthy people make healthy decisions about healthy relationships. By placing emphasis on personal wholeness before making major decisions concerning relationship there will be a movement to long-term relational health not short term fixes that will often end up being repeated.

Questions to Ponder

1.How healthy am I considering the following:

  1. Spiritual

    2. Physical

    3. Intellectual

    4. Emotional

    5. Social

2. How do I have a tendency to react in unhealthy ways?

3.What do I want my close long-term relationships to be like?

Scripture: Luke 2: 52 And Jesus matured, growing up in both body and spirit, in favor with both God and people