Monogamy Not Monotony

Fun is done in a lot of marriages. Routine and boredom have replaced the delight of courting and early marriage.  Even a kiss in the morning if not heartfelt can have an element of duty; or, maybe a good tradition of eating pizza and watching videos every Friday night is getting old, no matter how good the pizza is.

Here are some suggestions to help put ump back into ump pa pa.

1.             Look to the past.  What are the things that you used to do and the things that were once fun?  Look at doing them again.  Rediscovery can be very enjoyable!

2.             Look to the present.  Find new ways to do familiar things. Make the morning kiss memorable.  How about Chinese and making your own video some Friday soon.  Do something goofy together and take the camera to record it.

3.             Look to the future. Invest time, energy and resources in new activities that are outside the norm.  Take up a new hobby together, a dance class, or buy something that you can both enjoy together.  What is something that you can do together for months and years to come?

Remember all the planning and plotting that went into making dating happy.  Do it again. Have fun again!!!


Thoughts to Ponder:

When is the last time that we just had fun?

What could we do this week that would be fun?

What is something new that would provide fun in the future?



(John 10:10) I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).  (The Amplified Bible)